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Warhammer 40k Vigilus Weekender + Warhammer Champions Event

Today on Warhammer Community came two new event announcements, both of which are happening in November at Warhammer World in Nottingham.

November 3rd and 4th will are the first Age of Sigmar Champions event. Champions is the new card game, where you can fight it out with physical cards or via a digital app available on most devices.

You can take part in a tournament, which will feature exclusive prizes. If your new to the game there’s plenty of space to learn the ropes, and earn a free booster pack in the process. We unboxed the Founders Edition a few months back, you can check it out here.

November 24th and 25th sees the Vigilus Weekender, a two day event based around the ongoing conflict on Warhammer 40k’s planet of Vigilus.

Theirs going to be lots of seminars, as well as the chance to catch up with the studio designers on the Saturday. We’ve also been promised some reveals too!

The Sunday will be dedicated to a 1,000pt tournament, with each player having 3 games each. Sounds awesome!

Tickets and more information can be found on the Warhammer Community article.

Me and Matt will be there on the Saturday, so if you spot us make sure you say Hi!

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