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This Week’s Preorders

Ready for some new releases? Then let’s take a peak at what Games Workshop products are up for preorder this week!

Nightvault Warbands

Two new warbands for Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault are now up for preorder. First of all we have the Eyes of the Nine, a warband led by a Tzeentch sorcerer. These look awesome and I’m looking forward to picking them up. You can also preorder the dice set to go with them.

Then we have Zarbag’s Gitz, a warband of Moonclan Grots and Squigs! The biggest (and shortest!) warband yet! Once again, a set of dice are also available in yellow to go with your new unit.

We have a couple of extra bits up for preorder too. Carry your warband and cards around a fair bit? Then why not pick up the nifty carry case for Underworlds, with enough space for your tokens and a couple of warbands. Your game boards will fit too!

Finally whilst we are on the subject of Nightvault, if you didn’t pick up the new starter set you can now preorder just the universal cards that came with it, in a pack called Echoes of Glory. Perfect if your jumping in with one of the two new warbands, or if you are perfectly happy with one of the original warbands from Shadespire.


Adeptus Titanicus

Like your gaming to be on a larger scale? After a new unit for your Adeptus Titanicus maniple with a bit more ‘bark’?

Then here you go, the Warhound Titan is now up for preorder. You get enough bits to build two Warhound Scout Titans, armed to the teeth with various weapon loadouts.


Made to Order

Finally, we have a lovely collection of made to order items, all from the World That Was. Most of which would fit very nicely into a Beasts of Chaos army, although we do also have a Skaven hero and a Chaos Dragon.

I think Throgg is my favourite out of this bunch!


Are you placing a preorder for any of the above? Let us know in the comments or via social media!

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