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The Big FAQ 2! The Main Changes

The second Warhammer 40,000 FAQ of 8th Edition has now landed!


Whereas the first big update featured updates for every codex, this one does not. That however does not mean we’ve had some pretty big changes.

We’ll be going into this FAQ in a bit more detail over the next few days, however for now we’ll go over the major edition wide rules changes.

Finalized Rules

A few months back a couple of Beta rules were brought into play. The good news is that they all went down well, so have now been officially updated into the rules. We’ve been using them since the beta stage, so no complaints here!

Just to remind you of said rule changes:

Battle Brothers: When creating your army you need to have at least one faction keyword in common, and this keyword cannot be the big ones, aka Imperium, Chaos, Aeldari, Ynnari or Tyranids.

Psychic Focus: You cannot cast the same spell more than once per turn, not per psyker. Whilst you can cast Smite a number of times each turn, once you’ve cast it once further attempts will need an additional warp charge making it harder to cast.  Maximum warp charge value is 11.

Targeting Characters: Basically you need line of sight and for the enemy character (with less than 10 wounds) to be the closet target for you to shoot them.

Beta Rules


In the last update a big change was introduced to reserve units entering play. Whereas when the edition first landed you could ‘deep strike’ turn one wherever you liked (well, as long as you hand a spot to appear, and were 9″ away from enemy models), the update in the Spring only allowed you to bring any turn one reserves into your own deployment area.

This caused quite a stir, so the rule has been refreshed. The wording for the amount of models that can be left in reserve has also been changed, and interestingly Genestealer Cultists are no longer exempt from this rule, with the update pointing towards something new rules-wise coming in the ‘stealers full codex.

So now you can deploy onto the battlefield half of the total number of units to one side as reserves. The units deployed on the battlefield must be at least half of the points value of your full army. So if you have a 2000pt army, 1000pts of stuff must be deployed on the tabletop at the start.

You can no longer bring reserves in on turn one, you must now wait for turns two or three. Any units not brought into the battle from turn three will be classed as destroyed.

tatical reserves

Prepared Positions

Feeling a bit out in the open when your opponent takes the first turn? Well, we have a new stratagem to counter this!

At 2CP you can use this at the start of the first battle round, whoever is going second gets a cover save on all of their models until the end of the first player ones turn, apart from Titanic units. If a unit is already benefiting from cover they don’t gain any additional bonuses.

prepared positions

Tactical Restraint

This is a pretty big Beta rule change. Aside from the Moment Shackle, Seven-Fold Chant ablilites, Player of the Twilight warlord trait and any stratagems that gain/steal/refund Command Points any units or abilities that allow you to gain or refund Command Points can only generate 1 CP per turn.

So for example Guilliman can potentially refund spent Command Points when you spend them on stratagems. These new rules stop you from potentially getting a full refund on Command Points. Say you use an Ultramarines Stratagem that costs 2CP, you can only roll to see if you get one back. Any further stratagems used that turn can not have an refunds.


I can see a few people not liking this rule. On face value I think it sounds quite balanced, but we’ll see once battle commences.

Stratagem Costs

From tournament feedback Games Workshop have taken steps to stop the same powerful stratagems from being used time and time again.

These refer to a number of stratagems from the following codexes:

Blood Angels
Imperial Knights (who are the hardest hit)

For more details on these changes please see the individual Codex Updates or the Big FAQ Full Update.

You can download the big update from this link here. Alternatively you can view the individual army updates here. Note that not all armies have had updates.

If you would like to read the Warhammer Community piece on the new changes, then here is the link you’ll need.

So what do you think of the changes? Let us know via social media or in the comments below. We’ll be discussing the FAQ in more detail soon.

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