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Breaking News from NOVA! Nightvault, New Ork Warboss, Blackstone Fortress!

So as promised, Games Workshop have delivered a studio preview at the NOVA games show over in the US, and it was packed with new stuff!

Without further waffling, let’s delve in:

Orks, Orks, Orks!

We’ve now been given a peak at the new Speed Freeks game,

It’ll contain a Shokkjump Dragsta and the Kustom Boosta-blasta, but you’ll be able to add all of your other Ork vehicles, such as the Bikes to your game. Getting a little bit of an X Wing vibe from that image of the movement template!

With all of these new Ork vehicles, they couldn’t let a Warboss pass up on a new mode of transport. If you weren’t tempted before, check this guy out!

Other Ork news, what was once a stratagem before is now a army book special rule. GW have promised that the Orks will be more shooty!

Sisters of Battle

GW couldn’t pass up this event with a little bit of a Sisters of Battle update. I give you, heads!

As the Sisters are drawn from across the galaxy they can have a variety of differently style heads.

Also, for those who have some of the classic Sisters models, you’ll be able to test drive some of the new rules in this year’s Chapter Approved.

This’ll include a bunch of relics, strats and warlord traits.


September will see the release of Sir Hektur and the weapon options of the Knight Preceptor. Not only that, but the new plastic box will contain all the options for each of the Questorius Knights. Neat!

One final Knight thing, transfers are coming back!

Kill Team

Looking to build a Kill Team? Help is on hand as a new army builder is coming to Warhammer Community, similar to the ones already available for 40k and AoS.

New Comics

Following the success of Role Models, two new 40k inspired comics are heading online.

The one above is illustrated by the lady who does the head images of the Warhammer Community Team amongst other imagery.

The second comic is actually a long standing series, just with a new home!

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault

I love Shadespire. A new starter box for season two? I wants it!

Featuring magic for the first time, all previous cards and warbands are compatible! Eight new warbands are also on the way, two of which are included in the box!

They look amazing!!

They also gave a sneak peek of another model from an upcoming warband.

A flying squig!! The new AoS Grots are going to be immense!

Realm of Chaos

It looks like a new campaign is coming to Age of Sigmar called Realm of Chaos. From the looks of the teaser trailer expect Khorne Vs Slaanesh! Are we about to see the much awaited Slaneesh reboot?

Lord of The Rings

Following the incoming plastic Theoden in the new Lord of The Rings boxset we have a new Gandalf and Pippin on the way!

We also have a new campaign book on the horizon, Gondor at War, allowing you to recreate all of the battles around the time of Pelannor Fields.


Warhammer Community are going to start endorsing events. From smaller shows to grand events such as NOVA, if they got the stamp you know your in for GW treats.

Oh, and finally…

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress

Yes! A new board game! Set on a recently discovered Blackstone Fortress!

Expect new minis! Rogue Traders Vs Chaos!

Can’t wait!!

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