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Forge World Reveals at Warhammer Fest Europe

Hot on the heels of the reveals from GW earlier today Forge World have now held their seminar at Warhammer Fest Europe.

Once again, let’s take a peak at what was on show:

Horus Heresy: Blood Angels

We got another peek at some already revealed HQ units for the Blood Angels, as well as a first look at the Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought.

The Blood Angels will also be the first legion to receive their own Leviathan Dreadnought. I do love these stay of stompy robots.

For those Heresey fans that aren’t Blood Angels players they’ve also announced the long awaited Vigilator and Praevian models.

Adeptus Titanicus

Today sees the release of Adeptus Titanicus, which looks to have been a massive hits based on so many websites selling out of preorders.

Forge World are keen to support this system, starting with a Warhound to add to your force.

New boards are also being released to battle over, which are designed to work perfectly with the Titanicus scenery.

Watch this space for more Titanicus minis!

House Cawdor: Necromunda Upgrades

Alternative weapon upgrades are coming for House Cawdor, including lots of flamers.

Not only that, but soon you’ll be able to pick up a executioner to add to your gang.

House Delaque are now the last of the main clan houses to get a plastic release, and we’ve been assured news on these are coming soon.

That wraps up the Forge World updates!

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