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Atlantis Miniatures Ogre Kickstarter coming July 10th!

Some exciting news today from Atlantis Miniatures – their Kickstarter for the new Ogre range starts on Tuesday July 10th! Very excited for these as a fan of big, hungry Ogres!

Hi Everyone!

With great pleasure, following the success of our Dwarf Kickstarter and with Mythology in production, we are now announcing our Ogre Kickstarter!

Link to the kickstarter preview will go out on Monday, via email, Fb and Twitter. Also via the header on our online store:

Start date: 10th July 1pm GMT

Time conversions based on countries:

  • New York:     09:00
  • Chicago:       08:00
  • Los Angeles: 06:00
  • Australia:       22:30
  • Singapore:     21:00
  • Canada:         06:00
  • Paris/Berlin:   15:00

Duration: 21 Days

End Date: July 31st 17:00


  • Ogre Male Set 1 (3)
  • Ogre Male Set 2 (3)
  • Ogre Male Set 3 (3)
  • Ogre Male War Boss
  • Ogre Female Set (3)
  • Ogre Female War Boss
  • Ogre King
  • Ogre Shaman
  • Ogre Butcher
  • Ogre Rhino War Boss

Scale: Standard ogre is approximately 48mm to top of head. Some will be bigger





If you haven’t tried and tested our products before and want to see the quality in person, before you consider joining us on our next campaign…We have a wide range of models readily available. Please note the mythology range will ship in November.

Atlantis Miniatures

If you have not seen any figures from Atlantis before, then make sure to check out our recent unboxing of their Dwarfs – really fantastic looking models!

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