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Warhammer Boxed Games: Shadespire, Warhammer Quest, Blood Bowl News

The next issue of White Dwarf is set to be awesome thanks to a bumper selection of new stuff for three of Games Workshop’s biggest boxed games.

First of all Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire is getting a new tile, with more perils to watch out for! This should mix up your games in the Mirrored City.

Meanwhile, Warhammer Quest is getting an awesome new set of rules to allow you to use the new Stormcast and Nighthaunt heroes in your games, along with rules for using the Nighthaunt as enemies. I really like these updates that keep getting released for Warhammer Quest. Whilst we may not be getting a new boxed game, all the new rules and scenarios keep the game fresh.

Finally next month you’ll be able to preorder the new Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team, the Naggaroth Nightmares!

Their pitch, which is set on a Dark Elf ship, will also be up for preorder. The pitch is reversible so that you can attempt to play a game of Blood Bowl whilst a Kracken attacks the pitch!

Some exciting updates there! Mix in news relating to the new edition of Sigmar and whatever goodies GW have sneaked in there for 40k and that sounds like an awesome issue!

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