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3 Sleeps until Warhammer Age of Sigmar The New Edition! Nighthaunt


With every new edition comes a new box full of goodies. This new edition of Age of Sigmar is no different and features brand new miniatures from two very different armies, the Stormcast and the Nighthaunt.

We’ll concentrate on the Stormcast tomorrow, as today we have focusing on the Nighthaunt!

Until now the spirits of the the dead have featured within the tomes of Death, but no more, as they are becoming a full force of their own. The new range fits in perfectly with the already released Hexwraiths, Spirit Hosts and Cairn Wraith. The first of these, as mentioned earlier arrive within the new starter box.

Each model is full of character and are some of the finest models that Games Workshop have produced.

The new models don’t stop there however, as we have 3 new characters, more troops and the return of the Black Coach on the way.

With so many new models Games Workshop confirmed that the Battletome: Nighthaunts will be up for preorder on Saturday, the release date for the new edition.

They maybe dead, but they certainly look like a force that is going to be hard to beat on the tabletop. Their characters feature a number of abilities to help you return models back from dead (erm, again) not to mention that the entire army has the Ethereal special rule, meaning those weapons with rend will have no benefit against these guys, their armour save is here to stay!

Did I mention they are getting their own endless spells too?!


I’ve long fancied a Death army, and I’m certainly tempted to own a force of the undead my own in the near future. Fellow Brewer Matt has got the starter box preordered along with the other Nighthaunt items available at launch. He started painting the current range of models only recently ready for the new ones, his shelf is ready for more ghosts!

matts nighthaunt

We are super excited to see these on the battlefield! Stay tuned for more content on our countdown to the launch of the new edition!

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