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Stormcast/Nighthaunt Battletomes, New Endless Spells & More! Next Weeks Preorders

Next week marks the release of the new edition of Age of Sigmar. And we cannot wait!

If you wallets and purses weren’t hurting enough already, well, prepare for more financial pain, as Games Workshop’s Community site has lifted the lid on what’ll be up for preorder at the weekend.

First of all…battletomes!

Yup, both the Nighthaunt and Stormcast Eternals battletomes are out the same week. Both are available in limited editions.

The Stormcast one includes all the previous Stormcast models as well as all the shiny new stuff.


The Nighthaunt ones glow in the dark. Perfect for those atmospheric games of Age of Sigmar with the lights down low!

New tomes mean new warscrolls cards for easy reference.

Now we are getting onto the even tastier stuff. New models!

First up reinforcements for the Nighthaunt. We’ve got the guys we rumoured earlier today, along with multi part kits of be Grimghast Reapers and the new Mortarch of Grief:

The Stormcast will also be getting a new mini, the Lord Exorcist.

The preorders don’t stop there. Oh no…

Those new endless spells look awesome right? How about some army specific ones?

Wow! How awesome do they look! They can only be used by the their respected factions, although Nagash can use those Nighthaunt ones too. Here’s a preview of the Shyish Reaper

Goodbye money, it was nice knowing you…

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