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Index Renegade Knights: Download for Free + Command Point Changes

Are you a Chaos player staring with envy at your friends with their shiny new Imperium Knights?

Games Workshop have listened to your cries, and have released a index for using each of the new types of knights within chaos armies.

The best bit? It’s completely free and available to download now at this link!

Not only does it cover the data sheet for the knights but it also contains 2 stratagems and a relic. Neat!

This news follows the release of free rules for using Titan Guard and the new Imperium transport in Adeptus Mechanicus armies.

Also, GW have updated the detachments for Imperial Knights, chaos or imperium. If you take 3 titanic knights in a detachment you’ll gain a hefty 6 command points. If you take just the one titanic knight and Armigers to fill out a super heavy detachment you’ll gain 3 command points.

Great news for fans of big stompy robots!

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