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Measuring and Piling In – Age of Sigmar Second Edition

In today’s rule preview from Warhammer Community we learn about measuring and Piling in

For today’s rules preview, we’re looking at some small but significant changes to the game – little alterations based on your feedback that should make everything run that little bit more smoothly.

Measuring base-to-base? It’s official now.

We know most people play Warhammer Age of Sigmar measuring from bases already, so this is just a case of enshrining it in rules and making way for a more tactical era of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Piling in has changed (very slightly!) to work with the new, official base-to-base system, to allow you to get as many models into combat as possible. Where previously, you could only pile in towards the closest enemy model before having to stop, now, you can pile in even if you’re right next to someone – provided you don’t move any further away from the nearest enemy model.

This should make large units a bit easier to use and should make surrounding enemies a bit simpler.

Secondly, you can’t choose not to attack with a unit anymore – the combat phase only ends when every single eligible unit has piled in and participated. Again, this is a simple change, designed to improve immersion – you’d hardly expect a group of bloodthirsty warriors not to take the chance to kill their foes, would you?

Whichever ones you want! If you’ve got a collection that’s beautifully based, you can put away the clippers – there’s no enforced, single standard for how you should base your models. However, on release, you’ll be able to download a chart of recommended base sizes for every miniature in the Mortal Realms – if you’re a tournament organiser who wants to ensure a consistent standard for your event, feel free to use this, while if you’re making the jump to putting an older collection on round bases, this should help you out a lot.

If you’re looking to get beautiful bases for models, why not grab a set of Shattered Dominion bases – or, treat your favourite hero to an impressive Hero Base.

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