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Turn Priority in Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition

As promised Games Workshop have been releasing snippets of information regarding the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Today they have announced a tweak to how turn priority works.

In the current edition you roll off to see who goes first during the battle round, which could result in one player have a double turn, aka going second in battle round one and going first in battle round two.

In the new edition you’ll still roll off, however if both players roll the same number, then the player who went first in the battle round prior gets to choose. This will make a double turn slightly less likely to occur.

In some cases you may allow a double turn to happen, perhaps you have a cunning plan for later in the game?

Warhammer Community have also dropped a huge hint that the new spell models that have been teased will play a part outside of your particular turn as they stay on the battlefield and we’ve seen via Warhammer 40ks official Facebook group that they shall also have warscrolls of their own!

June can’t come quick enough!

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