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Warhammer Fest Podcast Special


On Sunday 12th May Dave and Matt headed over to Warhammer Fest, the biggest Games Workshop show of the year being held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

So much cool stuff was revealed that it was only right a podcast should be dedicated to this fantastic event!

– Adeptus Titanicus: The lid is finally off this new game system from GW. Epic battles with Titans await!

– Age of Sigmar 2.0: The Mortal Realms are heading into a second edition. Expect rule changes and new armies!

– Specialist Games: The future is bright for fans of Blood Bowl and Necromunda. We also chat about what is happening with the Horus Heresy, and how we haven’t seen the end of it yet.

– Sisters of Battle: The first images of an upcoming mini have been shown off, kicking off potentially a year of teases prior to the codex landing.

– And much more!

We hope you enjoy this episode, and as always if you have any questions, comments or feedback let us know via our social media channels or in the comments.

Listen to the show using the embedded audio below, download the show via this link or catch us over on the iTunes Podcast App.

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