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Adeptus Titanicus Unveiled at Warhammer Fest!

We are live at Warhammer Fest for a quick post regarding Adeptus Titanicus!

It’s officially set for release this year, however no hints to a month, although we expect this to be around November time for Black Friday (Edit: Since this post was made we’ve found out this is our in August!).

The initial release will feature plastic Reivers, Warlords and scenery. Resin tiles from Forge World will also be available to fit the scale of these battles.

You’ll be able to pick up a Starter Box which features all of the rules and templates, while a Grand Master Edition will also purchasable which will feature the same contents plus 2 plastic Warlords and 6 Imperial Knights and scenery. Plenty of content to stage a battle.

All of the titans weapons will have spaces for magnets, perfect for swapping and changing load outs.

The battles are staged on 4×4 battlefields.

Each Titan will have its own data sheet for weapon systems and will also have individual packs of cards for each Titan.

Keep you eyes peeled for more exciting content throughout the day!

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