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Legion Upgrades: Last Chance to Buy!

If you’ve ever fancied creating a Space Marine Legion army with all the iconography from your chosen force then you’d better act quick, as the upgrade sprues are now last chance to buy on Forge World!

That’s right, this is your final week to get orders in for legion shoulder pads, torsos and heads, including the not-so-long released Space Wolves set.

Since the sad passing of Alan Bligh, the Horus Heresy team at Forge World has been scaled back as the specialist games, such as Blood Bowl and Necromunda have taken more of a focus.

Could this mean more Horus Heresy plastic releases? We’ve already had two standalone boxes for HH in plastic, so it could be possible.

In other Forge World news, purchase a Dreadnought this week along with two weapons and you’ll get one of said weapons for free. Pretty nifty eh? So if you’ve got a big robot spaced hole to fill in your Imperium/Chaos forces then now could be the time to treat yourself.

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