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Orlock Hired Gun: Slate Merdena and Macula

Do you collected House Orlock for Necromunda? Fancy a new Hired Gun to bring to the fight? How about a Hired Gun and his awesome cyber mastiff?!

Yep, coming soon from Forge World we have Slate Merdena and Macula, Hired Gun options for Necromunda.

They shall have their own set of special rules should you choose to use them as named characters in a future supplement or you could simply add them to your gang as new members, as the rules for cyber mastiffs are included in the upcoming Gang War III (of which is up for preorder on Saturday).

No word on a preorder date for these two yet, but it looks like it’ll be soon. My guess is they shall be purchasable at Warhammer Fest in May if they haven’t been released by then.

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