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Primaris Captain: Store Birthday Mini Unboxing

So Saturday the 31st marked our local Games Workshop stores birthday, and to celebrate the this occasion their was cake, amongst other geeky stuff to purchase.

On the day I went and ordered the painting mat, paint brush pouch and more importantly, the store birthday exclusive Primaris Captain with Power Fist and Plasma Pistol.

I saw him a while ago and really liked his pose. While I’m not currently working on a Space Marine army currently, he’ll be kept safe until I do. I’ve got an Ultramarines army, so chances are he’ll be a different chapter, perhaps inspired by the next loyalist Primarch to return (as Robo is out numbered currently!).

He’s currently only available on your local store’s birthday here in the UK, however he will be available soon over on the US, as he’ll be purchasable from the upcoming opening of the Warhammer Citadel.

I’ve filmed a quick Unboxing video for you all, which can be viewed below:

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