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[Updated] EXCLUSIVE! New 40k Race and Codex Incoming!


Ok, so yes, this was our little April Fools to you all! We hope it brought a smile to your face!

FYI for you all, William Wallett, our ‘new rules designer’ was the name of the last royal jester who lived in Nottingham. See what we did there? (Matt really did his research into this!).

If you hadn’t seen it this morning you can find our little prank below:


Sprues & Brewer Matt over the weekend managed to grab an exclusive interview with new Games Workshop rules designer, William Wallett. Pretty cool huh?

You know what’s even cooler? He allowed us access to our first MAJOR exclusive!

Ladies and Gentlemen…

That’s right!! A brand new army!! With a full blown codex!!

Our full interview is coming soon, however we’ve been allowed to post some of the content early. Mr Wallett had this to say…

A few of us were chatting a few months ago about all the new factions Age of Sigmar were getting, and as a big fan of the 40k universe I was one of many who believed a totally new army was required to shake up the very foundations of the 41st millennium…

After much deliberation the Miners of Marindor were born!

Yeah, we were pretty stunned too! He went on:

The Miners are a race of, well I guess you called call them ‘Space Dwarfs’. Abhuman race that strives to delve deep into the galaxies many planets, forging unusual weaponry and armour like nothing seen before. They’ll also have a very cool mechanic where the bases they use with have flat sides that can be pushed together to create a ‘shield wall’ effect. I can’t go into too much detail at this stage however what I can say is that fans of squats are going to be very excited!

Mr Wallett has even allowed us a sneak peek at a work in progress image of the codex.

We are seriously excited about this here at Sprues & Brews HQ! No word on an official release schedule.

Look out for the full interview soon. What do you guys think?! Excited? Let us know in the comments and via social media!

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