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Las Vegas Open: New Stuff Revealed!

It’s official, Games Workshop care not about your purses and wallets.

I’ve woken up this morning to a whole bunch of new reveals fresh from the Las Vegas Open.

Let’s not mess about, let’s dive right in!

New 40k Codexes & A New Mini

We now know which armies are getting books after the Thousand Sons. Necron, T’au and Drukhari players rejoice! For your codexes are incoming!

It’s even better for Necron players, as they are getting a new plastic Cryptek! Currently their is only a finecast Cryptek avaliable, so it’s fantastic to see him getting the plastic treatment. He outshines the current Overlord minis!

New Imperial Knight

I really like the plastic Knight, so I’m overjoyed to see the Plastic Knight range getting a new addition.

The Knight Armiger is slightly smaller than the other Knights, but from the video Seen on Warhammer Community he is absolutely stacked with weaponry. His release will more likely than not come with a new Imperial Knight codex.

A fully fledged Knight army later in the year for Dave? Very tempting…

Daughters of Khaine

We’ve been posting video teasers the past couple of days regarding a very angry lady, and now we’ve seen exactly what’s coming. The Daughters of Khaine!

We aren’t just talking about a battletome for the current line of Witch Aelves, oh no. New minis alert!! 🚨

They look fantastic! So much so fellow Sprues & Brewer Matt may have a new army based on my conversation with him this morning!

We also got a sneak peek of their leader…

Hopefully during the course of the day, perhaps tomorrow, we’ll see her in all of her glory.

Shadespire: The Chosen Axes

Coming soon to the Mirrored City is the Chosen Axes! 4 fantastic Fyreslayer minis!

Expect new cards for all! From the text on the Community site the Fyreslayers will be slow (they are Dwarfs after all) but incredibly tough once they’ve got into combat. I’ve never really fancied a full Age of Sigmar Fyreslayers army, but I’ll be picking these up!

Malign Portents Campaign

Finally, GW have lifted the lid on an upcoming nationwide campaign for the Age of Sigmar: Malign Portents storyline.

They’ve described as a ‘huge collaborative ‘choose your own adventure’ story’. Sounds great!

Want to see all of the new stuff in full, accompanied by videos of each reveal? Check out this link here.

Phew!! What do we all think? Let us know on social media or in the comments!

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