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Adeptus Custodes: Next Week’s Preorders

We are only a few weeks into the new year and we already have a new 40k codex (Chaos Daemons) and a Age of Sigmar Battletome (Nurgle) on the shelves along with new Nurgle miniatures out now and next week. However, things are about to get even more exciting!

We found out that the Adeptus Custodes were next on the 40k horizon. Not only are they getting their first codex, they are also getting some brand new minis. And we won’t have to wait long for them either!

Up for preorder next week will be the codex, along with Trajann Valoris and the Allarus Custodians, deep striking character killers. The lot will also allow you to build a Shield Captain or a Vexillus Praetor.

While the codex is exciting enough as it is, Warhammer Community have also announced a limited edition. And what an edition it is!

Within the eagle-marked slipcase, you’ll find two volumes. The first contains the codex, bound in dark red cloth with gilt-edged pages, while the second containing an exclusive double-sided poster, datasheet cards with the rules for your units, and six objective markers styled after the shoulder pads of the Golden Legion.

As with all codex releases, their shall also be the cards to accompany it, featuring all the stratagems and tactical objectives for your force.

Games Workshop aren’t stopping there, you’ll also be able to preorder characters first seen in the Gathering Storm boxes.

Using the term Jason, a close friend (and Blood Angels player in our last video battle report!) used, ‘wowzers!’.

Will you be preordering any of the above? Let us know in the comments or via social media!

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