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Chapter Approved Hints

On Saturday we shall be able to preorder Chapter Approved, a book similar in style to The General’s Handbook for Age of Sigmar. We already knew it was going to include rules for designing your own Land Raiders. Warhammer Community had hinted at various other bits of content. We have now been teased with what else is going to be involved.


We are going to get a whole bunch of new Missions to play (24 in total!), and we aren’t just talking about basic objective games either. I’m personally really looking forward to the Stronghold and Planetstrike missions. They shall be playable as a stand alone game and also as part of campaigns.

One of the new missions will have you pushing your characters forward into the fray to grab objectives instead of your infantry. Great for big marines clad in Terminator armour, however perhaps a little more challenging for those with a higher save!


We shall also have a mission where you have to split your force into three groups, however only one of those groups will be starting on the board, and you won’t get to choose which one as it’ll be random!



Although Games Workshop are powering through the 8th Edition Codexes, which is fantastic, however some armies haven’t yet got one, such as the Orks, Tau and Space Wolves. Well the good news is they shall all be getting at least one relic, stratagem and army trait in Chapter Approved, giving you a little more creativity in your list and to help balance your army when playing against one of the many armies that have already got a book full of relics and stratagems.

They have posted a couple of stratagems already, of which you can see images of below. The Harlequins stratagem is particularly powerful:

Matched Play

Finally, today they’ve have given us a tease at changes to matched gameplay. Some units are having points increases and decreases. Also a couple of rules that have been FAQ’ed, such as Objective Secured, which means infantry models have priority when grabbing objectives. It also clarifies that no flyers can capture objectives.


Also they’ve said the rules for targeting characters is been slightly updated.

Plague Marines and Death Jesters are two units that are getting points reductions (Plague Marines getting cheaper is good news for our Matt!). Not so fun for myself however, is that both Cawl and Gulliman are getting points increases, boo!


Have some 40k Forgeworld models? If so, some of those are having points changes too, including the Sicaran Venator, of which is getting a decrease.

Check out for full details so far. Tomorrow they are going to be discussing Battlezones, which involves terrain rules and the use of in-game events.

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