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Necromunda Interview

Andy Hoare was recently interviewed about the upcoming release of Necromunda. That was some pretty interesting stuff raised during this interview, the main points of which I’ve included below:

– You’ll need the rule book that’s included in the box game, even if you are only planning on purchasing the supplement to play games on 3D terrain.

– 22 Blank cards are included, all of which are laminated making it easy to rub off any stats/upgrades and replace them.

– They’ll be releasing new Gang Tactic Cards in the future

– PDF with rules for the alternative, Old metal model gangs to be posted on the Necromunda website on launch day

– Orlocks are coming next year.

– Aiming for a new gang ever quarter, although we may see rules between then printed in White Dwarf or available as PDF downloads.

– New gangs were mentioned.

– Their will be support classes, such as docs and cooks. Forgeworld are working on upgrade kits.

– My favourite bit of news. Chaos Cultists and Genestealer Cults will be getting rules in the future, either by White Dwarf or Warhammer Community. All the Genestealer Cults weapons can be used by other gangs, meaning lots of scope for kit bashing!

Both myself and Matt can’t wait to enter the Underhive! What are you thoughts on Necromunda? Let us know in the comments or via social media.

Our thanks to War of Sigmar for the interview transcript.

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