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Blood and Glory Announcements

Games Workshop held a seminar at the Blood and Glory event this evening, as you may have guessed from Matt’s post a few moments ago a few announcements were made!

So yes, Blood Angels and the Dark Angels are the next two codexs inbound for Warhammer 40,000. Both will be out prior to the end of the year. No word on model releases, chances are these will just be book only for the time being to bring them up to speed with the general Marine book.

They also went and announced the first codex of 2018, Chaos Demons.

They’ve been teasing a new campaign for Age of Sigmar, with the Death faction in the running as the next army to be refreshed. Well, they’ve shown a new video, which is basically the age of Sigmar logo, only with a green haze around it. Spooky! Seems as though Chaos will also play a big part, as they showed off a new Chaos mini.

On to Shadespire news. The Skaven will be the next warband to enter the Mirrored City. 6 models in total, and each with their own bit of character. Very nice looking kit!

Finally to wrap things up they will be giving awards out to gamers who are really involved in the hobby. Nominate a friend and they could get a medal and recognition from GW. More news on that later this month.

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