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Photos from the Front Line!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!

While we are currently working on new content for the site painting wizard Matt has been busy uploading some of his work on our Instagram page, including his recently painted Death Guard from the the Dark Imperium box.

Why not take a trip to our Instagram profile and check them out?

We have some new videos incoming as well as our views on 8th Edition now that we’ve had a couple of games. In short…they’ve been awesome, and while it does have some faults I for one have enjoyed what I’ve played so far, going as far to say I’m enjoying this edition more so than the last.

It is early days however, as we have still got the individual codexes to come, but based on recent books and updates I’ve got high hopes. Speaking of which, Warhammer Community announced today that the first of the 8th Edition codexes, the Space Marines, is up for preorder this coming weekend (Sat 22nd).


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